Owning rental properties can be a lucrative investment, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a landlord, you have the option to self-manage your properties or hire a professional property management company.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and the decision ultimately depends on your individual preferences. In this article, we'll explore the duties involved in property management and weigh the benefits of hiring a property manager versus self-managing.

Landlord Duties


One of the most time-consuming and demanding aspects of property management is handling maintenance issues and repairs. As a self-managing landlord, you'll be responsible for addressing any issues that arise, from leaky faucets to major renovations. This involves coordinating with contractors, scheduling appointments, and ensuring that the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Addressing Vacancies

Vacant units mean lost income, so it's crucial to minimize vacancy periods. Self-managing landlords must handle the entire process of marketing their properties, screening potential tenants, conducting showings, and processing applications. This can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially if you have multiple properties.

Tenant Relations

Building and maintaining positive relationships with tenants is essential for a successful rental business. As a self-managing landlord, you'll be the primary point of contact for tenants, responsible for addressing their concerns, enforcing lease agreements, and resolving conflicts.

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Rental Law Compliance

Landlords must stay up-to-date with local, state, and federal rental laws and regulations, including fair housing laws, security deposit rules, and landlord-tenant laws. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in costly legal battles and fines.

Rent Collection

Collecting rent on time is crucial for maintaining a steady cash flow. Self-managing landlords must establish clear payment policies, follow up on late payments, and handle any disputes or nonpayment issues that arise.


Regular property inspections are necessary to ensure that your units are well-maintained and compliant with local codes. As a self-managing landlord, you'll be responsible for scheduling and conducting these inspections, as well as addressing any issues that are identified.


In some cases, landlords may need to pursue eviction proceedings against tenants who violate their lease agreements or fail to pay rent. Handling evictions can be a complex and time-consuming process, often involving legal procedures and court appearances.

Benefits of Property Management

Hiring a professional property management company can alleviate many of the burdens associated with self-managing rental properties. Lets discuss some of the key benefits of working with a property manager.


Professional property managers have extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as tenant screening, lease agreements, rental laws, and property maintenance. This expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes and legal issues.

Improved Tenant Relations

Property managers act as a buffer between landlords and tenants, helping to maintain professional and impartial relationships while promptly addressing tenant concerns.

Increased Efficiency

Property management companies often have established systems and processes in place for tasks like rent collection, maintenance coordination, and marketing vacancies, leading to greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Reduced Stress

By outsourcing the day-to-day responsibilities of property management, you can enjoy the benefits of owning rental properties without the added stress and time commitment.

Objective Decision-Making

Property managers can provide an unbiased perspective when dealing with difficult situations, such as tenant disputes or evictions, helping to ensure fair and legal resolutions.

Effective Marketing

Professional property managers have access to advanced advertising strategies, which can help attract high-quality tenants and minimize vacancy periods.

Vendor Relationships

Property management companies often have established relationships with trusted vendors and contractors, ensuring quality work at competitive prices for maintenance and repair services.

Self-Management Vs. Property Management: Which Is Right For You?

The decision to self-manage or hire a property manager ultimately depends on your individual circumstances, goals, and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

Time and Commitment

If you have a demanding full-time job or other commitments that limit your availability, self-managing rental properties may be too time-consuming and stressful. In this case, hiring a property manager could be a wise choice.

Portfolio Size

Self-managing a single rental property may be feasible, but as your portfolio grows, the workload can quickly become overwhelming. Property managers can provide scalable solutions for managing multiple properties efficiently.

Experience and Expertise

If you're new to the rental business or unfamiliar with local rental laws and regulations, working with a property manager can help you avoid costly mistakes and legal issues.

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Financial Considerations

While property management fees can add to your expenses, the increased efficiency, tenant retention, and expertise provided by a professional manager may ultimately save you money in the long run.


If your rental properties are located in a different city or state, self-managing can be particularly challenging. A local property manager can provide on-site supervision and prompt attention to any issues that arise.

Bottom Line

The decision ultimately depends on your circumstances, goals, and preferences. If you have the time, resources, and expertise to handle the various landlord duties effectively, self-managing may be a viable option. However, if you value your time, want to minimize stress, and prioritize professional expertise, working with a reputable property management company like Vesta Property Management could be the right choice for you.

At Vesta Property Management, we understand the challenges and responsibilities that come with owning rental properties. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive property management services tailored to your specific needs.

From tenant screening and rent collection to maintenance coordination and legal compliance, we handle all aspects of property management, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of owning rental properties without the added stress and time commitment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maximize your investment and achieve your real estate goals.